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Touring In Romania With Luca Valentin - People And Places

Work a travel with flair, or a flair champion. This was for me long time ago a way to travel and also make some money.

Are you wondering what is a flair bartender doing on a travel and adventure website ? Hold my coffee and let me explain. Luca Valentin is a flair bartender champion. Sometime back in 2012 this was a way for me to travel around Romania and also make some money, while having lots of fun and admiring this amazing man at work.

Touring In Romania With Luca Valentin

How It All Started

Back then I was more into video production, filming events, weddings and so on. Used with life aboard cruise ships, I always had the desire to continue traveling. So there was something missing in my life. I decided to stop filming weddings and only concentrate on gigs that will allow me to travel here and there. Luca Valentin was actually my first client. We made a really fun video that sadly I no longer have. After that we continued to collaborate and work together.

I decided to post this video and one more as a bonus, just to prove that even if you don’t have much money to travel, there is always a way. It was actually fun and amazing watching him doing his bottles magic on stage. I was amazed of the tallent and the work he put into everything. It’s a lot of hard work behind, and hours of practice every single day. Things that most people don’t see.

Work And Travel

There are many travel bloggers telling you that there are ways to work and travel at the same time. Most people think that it’s not possible, others want to do it but they don’t know how. To me filmmaking and photography was one way. Vali was only one of the people I worked with. There was also Wild Adventures Transylvania that I collaborated with and had a lot of fun filming and doing Off Road excursions up in the Carpathian mountains.

Coming back to the bartenders and the flair world, here is another video memory from back then. A trip to the amazing city of Dublin. Having these guys around me with all their flair moves and tricks, made the trip even more exciting. These are just memories and friends I appreciate for their hard work and talent. I’m sure I will come back with a more detailed article about how to work and travel at the same time. Something more updated to the today’s world of social media and YouTube.

Fun And Flair – Bartenders In Dublin


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