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My first vacation in Transylvania, after four years being away from my family, living aboard my sailboat.

My first vacation in Transylvania after four years away from my family, thanks to my expiring passport and visa. I had to return back in Romania no matter what. And luckily my sister, my brother in law and my nephew also came in vacation from Italy. After such a long time we were all reunited. I was thinking to travel more around the country, but instead I opted in spending time at home with them and just visit a few places here and there. That didn’t stopped me in making a few more new friends.


I always find ways to save money while living on my sailboat. Having to return home in Romania, I had to do the same. So I decided to take a three weeks contract aboard Carnival Breeze. That’s because I could make some money, while also saving money. The company paid for all my flights. It was nice seeing good old friends, and also making some new friends. Crew aboard becomes “family” for those that never worked on a ship before.

Working Aboard Carnival Breeze


Initially I planned to stay at home for only two – three months. Until the hurricane started, and I thought it would be a bad idea to be on the sailboat. So I extended everything over the winter, making it about six months close to my family. Even though I wanted to travel all over the country and film the adventure, I decided that family time means a lot more than making videos. So I just visited places here and there close to my home.



I’m guessing that some of you may travel in my hometown. so why not recommend you a few places I think it’s worth visiting. Keep in mind that these are just a few, but I will write a more in depth article pretty soon. Here I will talk mostly about the places present in the video, and a few more. I will start with the historical center of Brasov of course.

A pleasant place to visit, especially in the summertime. The city has a nice vibe, especially in the historical center. Right there you have the Council Square ( Piața Sfatului ), with a nice view to Tampa. Also in the center you can visit the famous Black Church. If you are hungry or thirsty, on the Republicii Street close by, there are many pubs, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy some local cuisine and not only. If you are coming in the winter time, you must go in Poiana Brasov for an amazing day at sky.

Black Church - Brasov
Aventura Park - Brasov


Are you traveling with kids and you want them have a good time ? If they are into exciting adventures, Aventura Park is the place to be. This is the largest adventure park in the Eastern Europe. Here it was the first time for my nephew, and he had a really great time. Since then we are going there every time he comes in Romania.

At about 30 – 40 min drive, depending on the traffic, you can visit Rasnov. Another great place for kids is Dino Park. And trust me, not only for the little kids. I enjoy visiting that place myself, and I never get bored. I believe you can tell from the photo.

If you like historical places, the Rasnov Fortress is right next to the park. I personally find it a lot more accessible than the Bran Castle because of the distance to the city. Known as the Dracula Castle, if you enjoy Dracula’s legend, I’m sure you will love that one as well.

If you get hungry, do not worry as there are places close by to buy a few snacks, and also a place to have a tasty traditional Romanian meal.

Dino Park - Brasov
Rasnov Fortress - Brasov

There are more places to visit, but as I promised, I’ll get back with a more in depth article on this subject. One place I would like to mention, is the Prejmer Fortified Church. I have to recommend this place as this is where I live. Prejmer is just 18 kilometers away from the city of Brasov. Another place I visited in the video was Lake Saint Anne. That one is in the Harghita county, you can read the article and watch the video here on the blog, if you haven’t done that already.

Prejmer Fortress - Brasov
Lake Saint Anne - Transylvania

I hope you will enjoy your trip, as much as I enjoyed my vacation at home. The winter came, and I haven’t traveled much after that. Plus that I started the preparations for my return to Miami aboard Anastasia. I was excited and ready to start my adventure.



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