Traveling With The Wind - Sailing Documentary


A sailing documentary about a Romanian sailor in his attempt to sail solo around the world, struggling to make a dream come true, on a really low budget.


Traveling With The Wind it’s a sailing documentary that started initially from the desire to sail around the world and film the entire voyage. My wish was to make two styles of documentary episodes. One to cover the sailing adventure, and the other to show the people and places I visit. Unfortunately things didn’t worked out as planned, but I cannot say I regret anything.

The documentary was shot mostly on an iPhone, a GoPro and a few DSLR shots. Not exactly the way I wanted to from a filmmaker’s point of view. The film covers mostly the first and only voyage from Miami to Cuba, a failed voyage to Mexico, and the return to Cuba and Miami.

A short voyage if you ask me, maybe a little over a thousand miles. A trip full of adventures that at times made me wonder if it’s real or I’m watching a film. Beautiful sunsets, storms, weeks with no wind, no drinking water, no food and of course no sleep. A proof to myself that if you really want something, you can do it… even if you don’t have all you need or a big budget.


Andrew Keir
David Hoffman
Felix Schober
Jeremiah Abellanosa
John Westbrook
Milton Michel
Pierre Rouchon
Luciano Alexander

Alessandro Huber
Andreea and Bogdan Zaharcu
Carmen Torres
David Hoffman
James and Ioana Hacman
Rob Van Essen
Spooky Wut
Nicole Pindelea

Kostya and Elena Novikova
Juan Segovia
Madalin Butiurca
Martine Legault
Peter Loui
Popica Lucretia
Ricardo Davalos
Travis Workman
Vio Biscu