Sailing To Cuba

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A photo gallery of the amazing moments aboard Anastasia while sailing to Cuba, a voyage full of adventures.

The voyage to Cuba was to me as at that time a very big disappointment. Not because I didn’t like it, but because I was seeing everything as a big fail in my sailing adventure. I knew I will not be able to continue sailing around the world as I planned… and that hurt a lot.


The Short Story

The plan was to sail to the Bahamas and spend some time there to recover from the financial problems I was having at that time. There I would prepare the boat a little more, then sail to Guatemala, where I would spend more time preparing the boat for the voyage around the world. I made a wrong decision to sail all the way to St. Maarten, making a fist stop in Cuba.

The more I was sailing, the more I started to realize that my adventure will have to end soon. This made me appreciate everything a lot more. So at the end I discovered that there was no fail at all. It’s all part of the adventure and it’s important to realize when and where you have to stop before things become dangerous. I’ve met the most amazing people in Cuba, I made great friends from Canada and they will all be part of my family in my heart for a lifetime. The adventure will continue.

I could say a little more, but I will let you enjoy the photos for now, and have you try to imagine the entire adventure. You will get to see it all soon in the Traveling With The Wind documentary.



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