My Journey With YouTube

My Journey With YouTube - Filmmaking

A few words about my journey with YouTube and why I deleted my old YouTube channel.

I had my very first YouTube channel started sometime back in 2009 – 2010 if I remember well. But I quit at some point. Here I talk more about the beginnings, and what will come next on the Romanian Explorer channel. Check the video at the end of the article to find out why I ended up deleting my YouTube sailing channel.

My Journey With YouTube

The Beginning

Long time ago when I started my first channel, I was more into filmmaking… more exactly short independent films. I was happy that people loved my work and I loved the fact that I can use the platform to share that with the world. But life had different plans with me and at some point, I just didn’t had the time for this anymore. So I got back on YouTube sometime in 2014 when I purchased my first sailboat. My intention was just to share videos with family and friends.

The Money Making Tool

I can’t say that I made a lot of money with YouTube so far. But that’s because I never looked at the platform as a way to make money. But you can… and if you are publishing good quality content, you can even make a living out of it. Of course it will take some time until you would get to that point. But as in any other field, hard work always pays of. I do look now at YouTube, maybe not as a way to make a living, but it could be part of my monthly income later on.

The Romanian Explorer Videos

Last time I started posting mostly sailing videos. But I did thought that at some point I will want to post other kind of videos as well. The main idea for me it’s to create content based on my adventures and my hobbies. Some of the videos may have a vlogging style, others more like a documentary film. I don’t know if people will love what I do, but I do hope they will. Having more views and subscribers will help me have an income on the platform. Making money creating my own content means more time for me to create. So I hope I’ll get to that point later on.

What’s Next ?

For now I’m just enjoying making videos. The best thing for me on YouTube, it’s that I can use the platform as a way to store my videos somewhere. For now I’m trying to re-edit and publish the old sailing videos for the people that followed and supported my adventure. We will see where life takes me and what’s the next adventure. I will return at sea sometime in the future, but for now I’m trying to spend some more time on land. I did spent half of my life at sea so no wonder I like land so much. Maybe I need a camper van ?

What do you think ? Let me know in the comments down below. Lately I started thinking seriously about buying an old camper van and restore it. Not because it’s a trend, but because that’s what I wanted long time ago when I thought I’ll never own a boat. Maybe this could be my next adventure. For now, please come on YouTube and subscribe to the channel. I hope you’ll like the videos. Always leave me your honest opinions in the comments. I don’t want to change my style, but I do want to improve the videos. Honest opinions always help, they never bother.


Ciprian I. Popica

Photographer and Filmmaker based in Brasov - Romania. Ciprian is the founder of the Romanian Explorer project, using photography and film as a tool to share stories about travel and outdoors adventures.

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