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Living on a boat has been one of the best things that happened to me so far. Here you have a little part of the memories about life on a boat.

There is no art in these photos, but the memories of living on a boat are precious. This is just a little part of the photo collection I have. I added only those shot on DSLR in this photo gallery. There are many more shot on my phone. You can also enjoy the “Sailing To Cuba” album if you wish.


Thoughts After Four Years Aboard

When I purchased my first sailboat I didn’t intended to live aboard. I wanted a weekend family boat. After the first one month aboard I loved the boat so much that I decided to move and live aboard the boat. I think it was one of the best decisions of my life. I changed the first sailboat after almost two years for a more seaworthy one. In total I spent about four years living on water.

The simple life on a boat cannot be compared to anything else, at least for me. It’s not heaven and vacation non stop. But most of the time it does feel this way. There are many ugly days as well. Storms, heat, electricity issues, maintenance… are things that remind you that the sailboat is your home and you are not in vacation.

Life on a boat it’s clearly not made for everyone, but if you do love it… you will never be the same as you used to be. I’m home now for almost two years, and I’m still looking for little corners in the house to hide. I feel that the space it’s too big for me. I got used to live in a tiny boat, with little things to use.

There will be another article with more details about how is to live on a boat. For now just enjoy the photo gallery and think for a second, how would your life be if you lived on a sailboat ? Could you go back to a “normal life” on land ?



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