ep2. Life Aboard A New Sailboat

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An episode about my simple and humble, but exciting life aboard a new sailboat, while anchored at the Miami Yacht Club.

I promised I will re-edit and add back the older episodes, since I lost them after deleting my old YouTube channel. Let me know in the comments if you like more this “vlog” style of editing. Or do you prefer them more in a documentary style as Episode 1 was made ?


If you watched the first episode, you know I first had a 26 feet Grampian. My intention was to have a weekend sailboat but instead, I ended up moving and living aboard. Making plans and preparing to do my first solo voyage to Puerto Rico, I realized that I wanted much more. It was time to change the boat.

I still wanted a small sailboat, but I needed something more seaworthy. There were three things I wanted: an inboard Diesel, no bigger than 33 feet, and a full keel. I decided to buy a 28 feet Pearson Triton built in 1960. I was lucky that my Russian neighbors and friends at the anchorage had one for sale. That’s how I ended up moving aboard Anastasia, my home for the next two years.

Anastasia anchored in South Beach - Miami


I will let you enjoy the video instead, but from one single voyage as I initially planned, I decided to make a childhood dream come true. At least I was trying to. I always wanted to sail solo around the world. That is for two reasons. As a filmmaker and photographer, living on a sailboat was giving me the free time to work on my projects. The sailboat was also a cheap way to travel and live in locations I wanted to film and photograph.

Of course just like any other cruiser, I wanted to visit as many places as possible. There was always a desire for me to visit different places and learn about other cultures around the world. This is the point where my adventure really started to take contour.


For some reason as soon as I stepped aboard, I felt like home. You could tell that she is an old boat, with many improvements to make to get her ready to sail away. Not that she was not well maintained. Kostya was taking really good care of her, and she was ready to sail right away. But I wanted to prepare Anastasia for long solo voyages. In the first week I decided to only do some cleaning and find places for my stuff. One thing I realized right away is that she only had little mold. That was a good sign to me.

Work aboard Anastasia fixing the old engine

Once I settled and put everything in place, I started to get to know the boat. As soon as I buy a boat I like inspecting everything. It’s good to know what equipment you have aboard, how things work, if there is anything to fix and so on. Even though I knew I didn’t had the money for a “makeover”, I started planning the things I needed to change. And the list was just getting longer. Sometimes I was thinking that it was maybe better if I did this home in Romania. It’s nice to have a job, make money and also work on the preparations at the same time. But I had to deal with the situation and do the best I could with what I had. So I started to enjoy every single day as much as I could.



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    Very nice video my friend. I still remember that I was always thinking about you all alone there on a boat. I can’t wait to see the next episodes. Please don’t forget to add the Romanian subtitles as well. My family would love to know what are you talking about in the videos. P.S. Thank you for the beautiful website you made me.

    1. Romanian Explorer
      Romanian Explorer

      Hehehe… Thanks so much buddy. Glad you like both the videos and your new website. I won’t forget about the subtitles. We keep in touch buddy.

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