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Ovidiu Drugan from Bucharest
Succes Ciprian, atât pe valuri cât și online ! Fie să ai vânturi bune și feedback-uri prietenoase !
Admin Reply by: Romanian Explorer
Mulțumesc din suflet Ovidiu. La fel va doresc și eu vouă. O sa mai dureze un pic până mă întorc pe apa, însă înainte o să trec musai pe la SetSail. De data asta vreau să plec și cu acte în regulă. Salutări de la Brașov.
Mihaela Nazarie from Bucharest
From sailor to sailor, fair winds be with us ! I wish you have a wonderful journey through this crazy thing called life and find what makes you happy wherever you go ! Make some more relaxing and beautiful videos so I can watch before I go to sleep ! Sincerely, Mihaela.
Admin Reply by: Romanian Explorer
Thank you for the kind words Mihaela. I'm wishing you fair winds as well.... at sea and in life as well. I'll make some more relaxing videos I promise. Hopefully you'll go sailing as well and the videos will not be needed, the real thing is always better. Sending you hugs.
Lou Somer from Wagga Wagga
I love following your worldly adventures on the great wide oceans. Stay safe & continue to enjoy nature and all its glory !
Admin Reply by: Romanian Explorer
Thank you so much Somer. Hopefully I'll live a long life to enjoy all these as much as possible. And I also hope one day I'll arrive in Australia so we can have a jam again. I'll always have a guitar with me. Best wishes from Transylvania to you and your family.
Andreea M. Zaharcu from Motta Visconti
I'm your sister, so I really wanted to be the first one signing your guestbook. I don't think I could sleep at all while you were out sailing on the ocean. I've always worried about you. But I also know that this is what makes you happy. We will always be there to support you and you know that. We're wishing you safe travels, anywhere life will take you, and sending you big hugs from us. With love: Andreea, David and Bogdan.
Admin Reply by: Romanian Explorer
You made me smile. I know you were worried, and that's what was making me worry as well. I didn't care about the storms, I was worried knowing that you can't get info about me while at sea. Even though I did got to send you a few emails thanks to those wonderful people on the cargo ships. But I promise next time you'll be able to know where I am at all times. Love you all.
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