Camogli, A Day By The Sea

Camogli - A Day By The Sea

A day by the sea in Camogli. A beautiful fishing town and touristic resort on the Italian riviera. If you are around Portofino, you must put this amazing place on your list.

This video was made sometime back in 2010 – 2011, while I lived in Italy for a few years. It was my very first DSLR video, something new at that time. I had no intention of filming anything, but Camogli was so beautiful that I just couldn’t resist. This is a place I will go back and visit sometime this year again, as I miss it way too much.

Camogli, A Day By The Sea

Reasons To Visit

I think the video will explain a lot of the reasons why you may want to visit this place. And I only had the chance to film a fraction of all the beauty of this lovely place. From my point of view as a photographer and filmmaker, I cannot stop clicking that shutter button. In places like this I become somehow melancholic. A tasty Italian coffee while resting at a small table, watching the sea and the people in a hot summer day… it’s simply heaven to me.

There are also lot’s of other things to do to enjoy your stay in Camogli. I will go back to photography, as the seafront it’s full with gorgeously colored palazzi and houses perfect for those travel postcards. I feel sad I couldn’t find the photo album a well. But that’s one reason for me to go back and take new photos.

Things To Do In Camogli

One other thing I liked in Camogli it’s the simple life. Comparing to other places, here you don’t see much of the fancy cars and the latest fashion. It’s a place where you can really relax and feel free. This is not a place with a crazy nightlife either, but you can find places to enjoy a late evening. To me the beauty was more in the daytime, with good coffee and food served by the many restaurants and coffee shops along the seafront.

For those into hiking, there are lot of trails available offering spectacular views. From Camogli to San Fruttuoso, or Camogli to Portofino. If you love the sea as I do, then you will want boat excursions. There are many available, or you can take a ferry. This way you can also visit the nearby towns. If you don’t like excursions, then you can simply rent a boat and enjoy your day as you wish.

I didn’t want to go into details, as I want you to go and explore on your own. I never liked organized trips and excursions. I don’t even consider that as traveling. To me traveling means “pick a place and go”. What you will find there should be a surprise, this way you will enjoy the place and always remember. In my case a place I would always go back and visit from time to time. There is no voiceover in this video, but I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did filming it.


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