ep3. Bad Weather And Boat Work

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Returned aboard Anastasia, I started doing a lot of boat work before leaving again for my return home.

I came back aboard after working another long contract aboard the cruise ship. I was tired and exhausted, so I was taking advantage of the rainy days to get some rest. There was also a lot of work to be done, and the rain was not helping at all.


As I was saying in the About Me page, for a long time I’ve been working aboard cruise ships. It’s funny when I think about it that I work on a ship and I live on a sailboat. I’m basically spending my life on water most of the time. This contrat felt long and exhausting, so I was really tired. It felt good to return back to my good old boat and relax a little. I don’t think I will ever be able to explain the feeling I always have when I return to the boat and step aboard. One place where I feel at home, free and happy. This time though, I didn’t had much time to relax and enjoy my time aboard, as there were lots of things to do. Time was flying fast, and I had to move the same way.


This time I was rushed to finish all the boat work as soon as possible. The hurricane season was getting closer, and there were things to be done. I was trying to clean up the boat, reinforce things, clean the boat bottom and so on. The weather was not helping at all. For nearly three weeks it rain constantly. I had maybe an hour of good weather now and then, so I used that to do shopping and other things I had to do while leaving the boat.

Sunken sailboat at the Watson Island anchorage

After three weeks of rain, the sun finally came out. I remember like yesterday, it was a Tuesday when my buddy Clayton and his wife Iryna asked me to go sailing with them. I never told them no, as for me that was a chance to practice sailing a little more. And how much fun we always had. The wind was not blowing too much, so we had a nice relaxing sailing day on the Biscayne Bay. But it was time to return back and work on the boat.


Usually I hate when my passport or visa expires, but this time I was really happy. I was about to fly home and see my family after nearly four years away from them. I was rushing to finish everything on time. Not being American, it was important to have my visa renewed so I could return to the boat. It was also important because I was still working aboard the cruise ships, and I needed all the paperwork ready. I decided that the next contract will be the last one. It was hard to do any preparations, using most of the money I saved for the food, and the things I needed to survive six months with no work.

Nino - Benito Dominguez

By the time the boat was almost ready for a voyage, I’ve always had to return and work on the cruise ship. That was not helping at all considering that I really wanted to start my voyage and sail away. But I will talk more about this in the later episodes and articles. I hope you liked this episode, and I’ll see you in the next one while visiting Romania.

This episode is dedicated to my good buddy Nino. Sadly earlier this year he passed away.

Rest in peace hermanito…

Benito Dominguez: 1961 – 2020



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