A simple man loving life, living my dreams

I created this blog from my passion for: camping, hiking, sailing, filmmaking and photography. This blog it’s my tool to share with you travel and adventure stories, tips, guides, and inspiration.

Not to write a very long story, I will be as short as possible. I was born on September 4th 1980 in Mărcuș, a small village near Brașov. I had a really happy childhood, close to my parents and grandparents. But I also had wonderful friends to explore with.

Dinghy ride
Filming with Osmo

Thanks to them and also to the teachers in school, I always had the desire for travel and adventure, or to discover places and people from all over the world. And so far, it seems that nothing changed.

I did not quit my job, sold everything and started to travel

Early in my 20’s I decided that I want a job that will allow me to travel the world. That’s how I ended up working on cruise ships for many years. Maybe too many…

It is indeed a way to travel, but not exactly how I imagined it will be. Mostly because you only stop in touristic areas. All you get to see it’s just a lot of restaurants and shops. That it’s not what I was looking for.

I’m not so much of a traveler, but more an explorer. I love film and photography and I had nothing to make a documentary about. There was no time either because as crew, you only have a few hours off. That’s if you’re lucky enough to have “a day off”.

Working aboard cruise ships

Buy a sailboat and sail the oceans

Life offers you all kinds of moments and surprises. This is how in 2014 I moved to Miami with the intention of making a family. That didn’t worked out very well, so instead I managed to fulfill a childhood dream and buy my first sailboat.

The rest came naturally, and childhood dreams practically took over me and my life. I knew one thing… I wanted to sail around the world. Just me and my sailboat.

Marina Gaviota - Cabo San Antonio
Sailing in Florida

Travel, explore and LIVE your life

For me happiness means much more than money, or a big house. This lifestyle completely changed my life and my way of thinking. It’s all about your freedom, family, friends, the people you meet, and the wonderful memories you create with them. When we’ll leave this world, all we can take with us will be just memories and the experiences we lived.

Ok now… let’s not get too mushy. I will not spoil the stories, so please subscribe to the newsletter. Let’s continue this talk in the blog articles.

South Beach - Miami